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SoCal Super Spartan 2013

so cal super spartan, adventure races, los angeles super spartan, spartan race, sign up for spartan race, super spartan obstacles, spartan race obstacles, temecula, california adventure races, brittany rouilleFor those of you who know us, you know that we are always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves physically, mentally & spiritually. So naturally, when LivingSocial had a deal going on for the first SoCal Super Spartan ($65 instead of the usual $145- gotta love a great deal) I jumped at the chance and I took the liberty to sign Drew up too!

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The SoCal Super Spartan 2013 was 8-miles of blood pumping, heart racing, muscle challenging obstacles (over 25 of them), paired with uphill terrain asking us to run 2,500-feet in elevation. Just to give you an idea, the “normal” Spartan Race is 3-miles with 15 obstacles, usually on flat land.Drew and I had no idea what we were in for as we made the drive from LA to Temecula this past Saturday morning, jamming to the free CD we had gotten from the Echoplex the weekend before (interesting crowd, crazy music).

Anyway, back to the Super Spartan. Our obstacles, included, and were not limited to:

  • 3 sets of walls we had to jump over, all varying in height (the 7-foot one was actually my favorite, somehow it seemed easier than the shorter ones); they conveniently placed these at the tops of the hills so we were thoroughly exhausted before we even attempted to sling ourselves over
  • 15-yards of monkey bars (note: all failed obstacles resulted in a consequence of 30 bur-pees)
  • 2 muddy, hilly pits with barbed wire strung less than 2-feet above the ground that we had to crawl under; one was an entire football field long, definitely had to help a couple people break free in that stretch; to add to the madness, they also had fire hoses which made us even muddier! (I secretly love this kind of stuff)
  • 40-pound cinder block attached to a chain that we had to pull through the mud uphill (luckily I found gloves along the trail, totally saved my hands, and nails, haha)
  • Bucket filled with 35-pounds of dirt (men had 50-pounds) that we had to carry uphill; if we dropped or spilled the bucket, the obstacle was considered incomplete aka 30 burp-ees (we both made it, thank God)
  • Drag a huge tire out 20-feet and pull it back in with a rope
  • Jump into the absolutely FREEZING cold lake and swim across to the land (I thought I was going to die in that water; my most painful obstacle)
  • Gym class rope, about 20 feet high, that hung over a mud pit (yea, I totally fell in at the top)
  • The last obstacle and quite a few others I am going to leave out just in case you ever decide to become a Spartan yourself,  can’t ruin the surprise you know.

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Drew finished in 2 hours and 12 minutes and was there to cheer me on as I completed the last 3 obstacles just before receiving my finishing metal at 2 hours and 47 minutes. We both finished in the top 1% across the board. The fastest guy finished in 1 hour 14 and the fastest lady finished in 1 hour 47… maybe next time, lol.

super spartan, spartan race, socal super spartan, california spartan race, mr and mrs adventure

Overall, we both had an incredible time living the experience of accomplishing and overcoming things we had never imagined we’d be faced with. As I sit here typing this just 3 days after the race, my fingers are probably the only part of me that is not in pain, and somehow that feels great.

Go out & surprise yourself!

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