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Where to Watch the Oscars 2013

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After living in LA for a year and a half, we have come to realize that certain things are BIG DEAL out here, The Oscars (which apparently are also called The Academy Awards) being one of them. We decided that we wanted to celebrate the occasion this year, since we were totally unaware of its importance last year and yes, I’ll admit it, we didn’t even watch gasp!

We started looking online at different LA Oscar watching opportunities and on 1iota found out that you could apply to be a Red Carpet Fan! So we did. Red Carpet Fans get to stand along the Red Carpet and watch the stars as they walk along to enter the event’s Kodak Theatre. Sounds AWESOME yes, but here’s the reality behind it, you are NOT allowed to dress formally (in the occasion that us common folk might actually shine brighter than the Hollywood Stars lol), no cameras, no phones, no bathrooms and no food or drink from 11am-5pm. As taxing as this all sounded, we had survived similar conditions once while in Times Square for the New Year in 2011, so we proceeded to apply. We had to write an essay explaining why we deserved one of the prized tickets that over 20,000 apply for and only 700 get. We had to fill out a background check and send in a passport photo in the case that we were chosen as well. After waiting 2 weeks to hear if we were chosen, Drew got an email saying that he was! But I got one saying I wasn’t :(… had to be all those parking tickets on my record. Oh LA.

After contemplating the oppotunity, Drew decided against going as a solo Red Carpet Fan, so we set out to find another venue for celebrating the Oscars. I had Googled where the best places were to watch the Oscars in LA, and The Parlor, which is within walking distance from us, popped up! They were going to host a Red Carpet for the evening, a complimentary photo booth and  asked that everyone dress in their best awards show attire! I love any excuse to dress up. They also were offering free appetizers from 4-5pm, awesome drink specials ($3 beers, $4 hose wine) and free shots for everyone who guessed the Best Picture category correctly! So we confidently made a reservation for 6 and called it a done deal.

Then, the next afternoon, we were on online picking a day to go see Jimmy Kimmel and I noticed there was a show on Sunday night… the night of the Oscars… it was in fact Jimmy Jimmel’s Live After the Oscars Show! Last year, Jimmy Kimmel’s Live After the Oscars Show was Jimmy’s MOST watched show, only after his 2006 broadcast after the Super Bowl. Drew and I both applied, fully prepared to be denied tickets being that we were applying just 2 days before the actual show, but low and behold Saturday night, the night before the Oscars, I got an email saying that I was approved for 2 tickets!

So off we go! This evening we will be attending Jimmy Kimmel’s Live After the Oscars show! From 5-11pm we will be watching the Oscar’s in Jimmy’s studio, enjoying dinner and drinks compliments of Jimmy, and basking in the light of guest stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. (Read about our experience here!)

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