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Summiting Mount Jacinto: The Perfect Overnight Backpacking Trip

Summiting san jacinto, san jacinto hike, socal six pack of peaks, mr and mrs adventureStanding at a mighty 10,834 feet, Mount Jacinto has earned the title of the 2nd highest peak in Southern California. We originally took on the challenge of hiking up “San Jac,” as the locals call it, in preparation for summiting Gorgonio, the highest peak in SoCal + Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous US, on back to back weekends. San Jac was one of our first REAL summit hikes, and we loved the experience so much that we decided to re-do the same hike 5 years later, after returning from nearly 4 years of living the “VanLife” all across the US, Europe, UK, Iceland and Morocco. It was just the place, and peace, we needed after landing in LA:

Summiting san jacinto, san jacinto hike, socal six pack of peaks

The reason we loved the experience on San Jacinto so much was #1. because the first time we did it, we did it with our friends, #2. it’s one of the only hikes where we’ve been able to enjoy sunset + dinner on the summit, #3. night hiking and #4. the next day is a breezy 2 hour (or less) hike back down. No wonder we wanted to relive the magic! Continue reading for details:

san jacinto camping overnight, san jacinto hike trailOn both occasions, we packed as lightly as possible in order to spare our backs on this 19ish mile trek. Essentials included our headlamps, CamelBaks, sleeping bags, Long Johns, sunscreen, sunglasses and of course, food! We got our favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s before arriving to Idyllwild, which we highly recommend as the mountain stores are quite pricey.

hiking food, how to pack for overnight camping trip, mount jacintoThe first time we summited, we awoke in our LA apartment at the crisp and dewy hour of 5am. We poured our coffee, packed the trunk and were on the road by 5:45. It was a 2-hour drive to Idyllwild, and once we arrived, our first stop was the Chevron gas station across from the Village Market (which has everything from hiking snacks + random supplies + deli + coffee, open 7am-10pm daily) to pick up our adventure passes. You must have one ($5) for each day you plan to have your car parked on the street, they are valid from 10am-10am and you can place as many as needed on your dashboard (they’re available to purchase at any gas station in the area).

adventurepass, mount jacinto, mr and mrs adventure, devils slide trail, california hikes, summit mount jacinto, mount jacinto peak, mount jacinto hikers

We then drove up to the Forest Service Ranger Station to get our overnight permit (available 24/7 at the little table outside), they also have day passes if you don’t plan to stay the night. Do note that with the overnight pass you must set up camp within the Federal Park boundary (outside the green area in our map below) + 200-feet away from the trail ($159 fine per person), if you want to camp in the State Park check out this site for additional information.

san jacinto trailmap, hike san jacinto, socal six pack of peaks mapsOnce we had all our passes in hand, we drove up Fern Valley Road, parked near the Humber Park trailhead and by 10am we had hit the trail! The second time we embarked on this hike, it all was pretty much the same, except we arrived the night before and car camped at Dark Canyon, which was beautiful + we believe this helped us acclimate to the elevation better the next day.

dark canyon campground, san jacinto camping

Summiting san jacinto, san jacinto hike, socal six pack of peaksOn both occasions we enjoyed impeccable weather with cool, crisp breezes off setting the beaming sun. We hiked 2.5 steep miles along Devil’s Slide Trail, which took about 2 hours, before arriving to Saddle Junction to take a break. Many people with a day hiking permit will hike to this point for a moderately difficult, 5-mile, introductory hike. After some refueling and rock sitting, we were up and at it again for another mile until we found our perfect camping spot. It’s difficult to say exactly where it was, but it was about .25 miles before arriving to Wellman’s Divide on the left side of the trail near a big triangular-shaped rock, and the second time around we found another great spot about 5 minutes earlier off the trail to the right.

Drew built our tent while I made our picnic on the rocks and after lunch, we unloaded as much as we could from our packs, taking only the essential layers of clothing (it gets cold at night, especially at the top) + dinner + enough water for our journey to the summit and back. Note: There was nowhere to filter water the 2nd time we did this hike, so we had to carry in all our water for the entire time = 3 gallons = about 8 pounds per gallon = 24 pounds in water alone! We were stoked to be able to leave behind some poundage for our journey to the top.

san jacinto, california hikingBy 2pm we were headed for Wellman’s Divide, where we then followed the arrow towards Mount Jacinto Peak, 4 miles. The views the entire way were beautiful, the ferns surprisingly lush and after a dozen switchbacks or so, we arrived to a sign that pointed .3 miles to San Jacinto Peak!

san jacinto hike, socal six pack of peaks

san jacinto hike, best hikes in southern californiaAt this point, all clear trails were moot. We scrambled our way towards the top, taking the safest and clearest path that our eyes could find. If you take the route that we took (we went up more towards the right) you will pass an old stone cabin. This cabin is free for campers and nomads alike, it has 2 bunk beds, an emergency food + first aid supply and is maintained by none other than those who decide to stay in it. Very Into The Wild.

san jacinto hike, san jacinto mountain cabin

san jacinto hike, san jacinto mountain cabinAs the rocks began to grow larger and the trees fewer, we knew we were nearing our destination. Just a few steps more and there she was, the victory sign that read “Mount Jacinto Peak: Elevation 10,834.” We made it… twice! Photos from 2013 and 2018 respectively, below:

mount jacinto, mr and mrs adventure, devils slide trail, california hikes, summit mount jacinto, mount jacinto peak

san jacinto hike, san jacinto summit, socal six pack of peaksWe were floating with the clouds, above just about anything we could set our sights on, except for Mount San Gorgonio, which peered down on us just a few hundred feet higher in the distance. At this point there was nothing to do but enjoy it, everything about it. We sat together, devoured our dinners and watched the sky change colors as the shadow of the peak grew larger and larger over the glittering lights of Palm Springs below:

san jacinto hike, socal six pack of peaksIf you are up for a little added adventure, hop the rocks past the peak and you will find some even more incredible vistas that only the truly adventurous find:mount jacinto, mr and mrs adventure, devils slide trail, california hikes, summit mount jacinto, mount jacinto peak

san jacinto hike, socal six pack of peaksBy 8pm the sun had set. We put on all the layers we had in our packs and headed back towards camp. The sky was a beautiful layered canvas of lavenders, pinks, and blues. As the night grew darker we pulled out our headlamps and were aided in our trek home by the light of the incredibly full moon. Two hours later, we were warm and snug back at our basecamp:

mount jacinto

san jacinto hike, socal six pack of peaksThat next morning we awoke, semi-rested, ate our breakfast while indulging in the incredible views, and by 9:30 we had packed up and started on the 2-hour trail back down to the world below. San Jacinto, you were even better than we remembered… can’t wait to see you again for round three!

mount jacinto, mr and mrs adventure, devils slide trail, california hikes, summit mount jacinto, mount jacinto peak, mount jacinto panoramic

Pano from 2013 above and 2018 below.

san jacinto hike, socal six pack of peaks


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    August 30, 2014

    How did you filter the water?

    • Reply


      September 2, 2014

      There are a ton of great lightweight, compact water filters out there. We use a brand Katadyn, you can buy them online or at REI. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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    June 26, 2013

    Great post! Very informative. We are thinking of doing a similar route next week. What is the current water situation? Were there flowing creeks by Wellman’s Divide or Saddle Junction?

    • Reply


      June 27, 2013

      How exciting! Just past Wellman’s there were 2 very small streams that were puttin’ along. We stopped, filled some water bottles and then filtered them in the morning. Make sure to bring as much water as you can for the trek up, there was nothing before this point. Do keep in mind this was 2 weeks ago so the situation may be different. I hope that helps, let us know how your trip goes!

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