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Favorite Things About WDS2013

wds 2013, world domination summit, chris guillebeau, portland oregon

After an incredible weekend with incredible people at the World Domination Summit, Drew and I both agree that we are feeling quite inspired. Not only were the speakers and presentations amazing, but the fellow attendees and the city of Portland were nothing short of awesome. For the sake of simplicity, we have compiled a list of our absolute FAVORITE things about this past weekend.

Hiking to Tamanawas Falls– After our awesome group of college friends scooped us up from PDX, we drove straight towards Mount Hood for an incredible 4.5 mile hike to Tamanawas Falls. The company, the weather and the sights could not have been better.

tamanawas falls, hikes in oregon, waterfall in oregon, mr and mrs adventure, wds2013

Oregon Zoo– Because Chris Guillebeau knows how to do things right, he rented out the ENTIRE Oregon Zoo for a night full of music, food, drinks and adorable sleeping animals, check out the video of the otter warming his nose!

oregon zoo, zoo animals, otter, polar bear, sleeping polar bear, sleeping otter, amazing animals, cute animals, sleeping animals, zoo at night, wds2013, world domination summit

Setting the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most People in a Floating Line”– Yes, that’s right, we set a World Record! The Willamette River was freezing, we didn’t actually know if we were going to beat the current standing World Record, which was held by a group of Italians, but in the end it all turned out being worth every moment in that river with 621 other World Record holders! You can check out the article here  🙂

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Meeting Awesome People– So we all know that Chris G. was at the top of everyone’s list, and for good reason. He was very personable, really takes time to get to know you as an individual and cares about your ideas getting the attention and guidance they need. On top of meeting C.G. we had the pleasure of meeting Nomadic Matt! An adventure blogger whom we greatly admire, along with other incredible WDS2013 attendees who weren’t afraid to take on new perspectives…

world domination summit, nomadic matt, wds2013, mr and mrs adventure

world domination summit, wds2013, crazy people, couples yoga

willamette river, river ride portland, portland river, portland river boat, wds2013, drew neumann, meaghan barbin, naimish patel, nikolai de leo, nicole azzi

Voodoo Doughnuts- The only thing we heard more than “#WDS2013” was “VooDoo Doughnuts.” You could see someone walking around town with a box of these bad boys at any given moment, and here’s why: Maple Glazed with Peanut Butter and Bacon, Glazed with Vanilla Frosting and Fruit Loops, Glazed with Cinnamon Frosting and Captain Crunch, Rice Crispies with Carmel and Chocolate and for me they even had a scrumptious little Vegan Chocolate Doughnut.

voodoo doughnuts, portland oregon doughnuts, places to go in portland, doughnuts in portland, best doughnuts in the us

Powell’s Books– The LARGEST bookstore in the world located on Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon. With stairs that go up and down to all sorts of different rooms, an awesome cafe, oodles of incredible books and fun knickknacks, it’s a must see for any trip to Portland.

powells books, largest bookstore in the world, portland oregon cafe, portland cafes, things to do in portland, best things in portland

The Whole Bowl– I can honestly say that we ate at the Food Carts located along Alder Street and 10th everyday that we were in Portland, and out of the 100’s of options there were to choose from, every single one of us were hooked on 1 thing, The Whole Bowl. This humble little food cart offers only 1 thing on their menu, The Whole Bowl, which is a simple and wholesome combo of brown rice, black and red beans, cilantro, fresh avocado, pico de gallo, sliced olives, Tali sauce, sour cream and cheese (you can opt out of any of the ingredients). It leaves you feeling fresh, full and ready for another 🙂

the whole bowl, wds2013, food carts portland, best food cart portland, things to do in portland, things to eat in portland, best food in portland

Prasad– For incredible fresh pressed juice, go here! We recommend “Revival.” Omg, I want one now.

Magpie– A fun, random and ecclectic vintage consignment shop filled with awesome sunglasses, old tins and sweet pumps and frocks.

magpie, best store in portland, vintage store portland, consignment shop portland, wds2013

And for some bonus info, here are some things that WDS2013 inspired us to add to our reading and movie lists:

Movies to Watch

Janapar– A story of love and a bike.


Books to Read

The Big Leap


Good to Great

The Year of Magical Thinking

1-Minute Manager

4-Hour Work Week

Hot Guys, Baby Animals

Already cannot wait for WDS2014!

July 11, 2013


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    July 9, 2013

    We snuck a menu from Prasad back home with us, so we can try to recreate our experience… as tough as that may be. 🙂 Hope to meet you in WDS2014 since we missed you in 2013!

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      July 9, 2013

      LOL, I am sitting here with my Prasad menu right next to me 🙂 Sounds like we must meet at WDS2014 ! Thank you for taking the time to read & comment <3

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