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“Ultimate Travel Tips” Video: Live on MSN.com!

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Above is a photo of Drew getting his make up done for the first time ever! With all of the outdoor activities we seek out there is no time for messing around with powdered noses or glossy lips now is there. But this wasn’t for any ordinary occasion, these were “game day preparations” for our first ever travel show!

About a month ago, a producer from Trium Entertainment reached out to us after finding us through Google and asked if we would be interested in doing a show with them… would we?! Oh my goodness, this was only step one of realizing my childhood dreams of becoming Samantha Brown and Drew’s fantasy of becoming Anthony Bourdain‘s better half. Needless to say, we said YES, and after meeting with the producers they decided to do not 1, but 2 shows with us!

Without further delay, here is episode 1 of our MSN “Life Unleashed” debut: Ultimate Travel Tips

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We hope you enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed filming it!! Stay tuned next week when we share episode 2: 4 Epic Hikes You Gotta Take!

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