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Vlog #2: Our Favorite NEW Gear For 2016!

7 Adventurous Items for the new year, adventure gear, product reviews, mr and mrs adventure, best gifts for adventurous people, outdoor lover gifts. vanlife gifts, what to get your wife for christmas, best christmas gifts, best birthday gifts, best unique giftsWe hope you all are having a happy and adventurous start to the New Year! Just in case, we decided to share with you some of the best (and most useful) gadgets, books and tools that we will be using in 2016! Not featured is the incredibly-handy razor holder that I used to scrape the super-sticky labels off of the 87 wine bottles (thank you for collecting friends!) that we’ll be using as part of the center pieces for our upcoming wedding! Photo below:

how to remove labels off wine bottles, homemade centerpieces, diy wedding centerpiece, wine bottle centerpiece Alright, back to the show. This video features some of the latest and greatest, so be sure to scroll down after watching to learn more about the awesome items we chose to share with you!

Fun right?! Well, we already have another line up to share with you – Coming soon! For now, here’s everything you need to know about the items shared above:

1. Solo Stove:

the solo stove, best camping stove, best vanlife stove, best hiking stove, portable wood burning stoveThis lightweight, compact, eco-friendly, wood-burning stove burns hotter fires using less fuel, meaning you can enjoy your oatmeal faster than you can stuff your sleeping bag into your stuff sack! It comes in different sizes so you can accommodate larger groups, you can even use it to gather around for roasting mallows! We love the Solo Stove Lite since it’s perfect for our party of two.

2. GoTenna:

gotenna, portable antenna for traveling, dog ears phone, international service freeWe’re especially excited to try this out in Europe but so far we’ve practiced using it in airplane mode and it works! Basically GoTenna allows you to text and use GPS without having service… thus allowing you to use your phone while hiking, traveling and doing other non-servicey things, ie. we think it would great for Burning Man.

3.The Rolling Home + GoPro Professional Guide To Filming + NatGeo France Map:

the rolling home book, stoked ever since book, stoked ever since travel blog, go pro editing book, best gopro how to book, best france map, michelin map france, best adventure books, best adventure gearEach of these items represents a huge theme for us in 2016:

  • VANLIFE. The Rolling Home. Artfully compiled by the #adventurecouple behind Stoked Ever Since, this book is filled with countless little stories, incredible photos and other fascinating tidbits from the 80,000 miles they’ve traveled in their self-made campervan… talk about inspiration!
  • VIDEOS. GoPro Professional Guide To FilmingAs we mentioned in last week’s video, we will be creating A LOT more content for you via our YouTube Channel, so we might as well study up and share it as best as we can! A wise man once said, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right!” and we’ve learned that listening to wise men (and women) generally pays off.
  • FRANCE. NatGeo France MapAfter our wedding at the end of this month (25 more days!!) we’re catching a flight to London, where we’ll source our new van, and then ferry across to France, where we’ll take our marvelous time exploring every nook and cranny we can get our croissant-filled hands on.

Chemin de Roy biking, paillard croissants, paillard quebec city, french pastries, cup of coffee, cappuccino and croissant

4.Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Drawing + Painting Tablet:

intuos tablet, best traveling tablet, art tablet, Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Digital Graphics, Drawing & Painting Tablet, New Version (CTH490AK)Talk about a space saver! I’m used to bringing a couple huge journals, an array of Sharpies, water colors, colored pencils, a couple blank canvases, and if I had it my way I’d bring my easel too! Luckily with this little bugger all my art supplies fit into a tiny 9 x 7 inch, super-compact tablet! I’ve already published my 1st book, and now that I have this guy I can’t want to publish another!

5.Mount Maddsen Men’s Hiking Boot by Timberland:

best mens hiking boot, solelabz reviews, hiking boot reviews, mt maddsen timberland, best timberland bootThis leather pair of hearty, comfortable, waterproof Timberland boots was brought to our attention by the everso helpful dude behind SoleLabz. Dedicated to “Protecting good people from bad boots,” this guy’s site is a must visit especially when buying shoes online. Drew is one picky shoe buyer but this pair seemed to meet all his requirements for the endless adventures that lie ahead!

best mens hiking boot, solelabz reviews, hiking boot reviews, mt maddsen timberland, best timberland bootNow go out and BE WISE with your money. Only buy things that truly enhance the quality of your life and add to the many adventures that make you AWESOMELY YOU.you wonderful thing you, adventure couple, couple goals, product review video, hiking boots review, best couple gift video





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