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How to Create A Blog That Makes A Difference

how to start a blog, how to start a blog that makes a difference, tips for starting a blog, the best tips for starting a blog, how to start a blog, what to start a blog about, why start a blog, How to Create A Blog That Makes A DifferenceThanks to the wanderlusting powers of social media, you are constantly being fed photos from other adventurous, creative, bold and inspiring virtual stars who make it all look like a total dream, a dream you want to be living too… and why shouldn’t you? We are always receiving emails from our tribe members asking about how we started our blog (tactical tips at the bottom of this post), but instead of repeating the same Google-able steps, we’re gonna one up you. We don’t just want you to start any blog, we want you to create a blog that makes a difference! Be bold, stand out from the endless sea of ever-growing bloggers, call upon your passions and curiosities and hit the ground running in your own unique direction!

how to start a blog, how to start a blog that makes a difference, tips for starting a blog, the best tips for starting a blog, how to start a blog, what to start a blog about, why start a blog, girl running at sunset#1. Start where you are. 

We have to be honest, when we first started our blog back in 2013 we had NO IDEA what we were doing or how we were going to get where we wanted to go (you can check out some of our first posts here and here for proof). We had NO IDEA what our niche or angle was, NO IDEA how to take the amazing photos we take now and NO IDEA how to make sense of all the potential that was stored up inside us.  All we knew was that we LOVED what other travel bloggers/vloggers were doing and so we were going to use that love as MOTIVATION (life’s too short for jealousy) to make it happen for ourselves too… all we had to do was START.

moop, leave no trace, burning man guide, burning man supply list, burning man costumes#2. Know that the possibilities are endless. 

There is no limit to how successful, outrageous or influential you can be with your blog. You just have to be willing and able to put forth the time and effort it takes to find your strongest voice and create a strong, organized, influential platform to share it on. Check out our Pinterest board for some ESSENTIAL Blog | Vlog Tips here. Be honest, be positive, be essential, be you. This is how you will build that loyal attentive tribe that will help you manifest your dreams. It takes time, but with time and faith anything is possible.

mont blanc chamonix, tour du mont blanc, how to do the tour du mont blanc, tour du mont blanc tips, tour du mont blanc how to, best way to hike the tour du mont blanc, mont blanc deaths, tmb best way to hike, hiking the tmb, how to do the tmb without a guide, tour du mont blanc in 6 days#3. Seek guidance from those you admire.

Like you are doing at this very moment! Learning from those who have paved the way before you makes their journey more meaningful and yours a bit smoother, win-win! We invested in Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Course back in the day and are so glad we did. We are constantly referring back to the lessons and tips because we are constantly trying to grow and better ourselves and our blog + he always keeps it super up to date and relevant. Here’s us with Nomadic Matt back in 2013, we were so stoked to meet him!:

world domination summit, nomadic matt, wds2013, mr and mrs adventureWhile the internet is a wonderful and amazing resource, it can also be incredibly confusing and overwhelming at the same time. Joining a community will help cut through the clutter and keep you on the road to success (if you decide to sign up for Superstar Blogging please do so via our affiliate link here).

open road, roadtrip, mr and mrs adventure, driving to burning man, exodus burning man, vanlife, quotes to inspire#4. Know what makes you come alive and seek to serve others through that passion.

Explore your past, recall some of your favorite memories, most meaningful hurdles, most unforgettable joys, recall all that has made you who you are today and envision where you see that taking you. YOU are what makes your blog different and your story is an important one. Seek to be honest and transparent. Give the world what it needs… a story, a blog that makes a difference.

katahdin, katadin, mr and mrs adventure, how to start a blog, how to start a travel blog, how to make money with a blog, how to make a difference with your blog, how to gain followers with your blogWe decided on our name one evening over dinner and when we realized it was available (fate), we snatched it up and began our slow, beautifully-organic, never-ending journey towards becoming Mr and Mrs Adventure. We aren’t only grateful for the lives our blog allows to bless, but we’re grateful for how our blog has blessed our lives. As we have sought clarity and purpose for our blog we, in turn, have found it for ourselves.

the ministers treehouse, incredible treehouse, biggest treehouse in the world, amazing treehouse, dream treehouse, treehouse in tennessee, crossville tennessee, crossville treehouse, adventure couple, mr and mrs adventure, inspiring quote, clarity#5. Inspire, listen to, connect with and SERVE your tribe. This refers not only to those who follow you, but to those you follow as well. If you always view the people who do the same thing as you as competition, you will never have community. Communicate, collaborate, learn, share and grow. The more people behind a movement, the more powerful the change. And remember, your vibe attracts your tribe! (Photo of BRC below.)

burning man, burning man tents, burning man camps, burning man aerial photos, what is burning man#6. Be conscious of your relationship with the internet/social media. As a blogger, the internet can be a huge time suck. Try not to get stuck in it. Do what you need to do to set yourself up for success, then set your boundaries and protect your real life, the one you don’t enjoy behind a screen (post on Digital Detox here).

the blue lagoon, mr and mrs adventure, couple kissing in amazing lagoon, mud masks, handsome couple, couple in iceland, things to do iceland#7. Be conscious of your relationship with money. When executed properly, and as you continue to experience growth and success, creating an influential blog takes time and requires a bit of upkeep, aka $$. At the bottom of this post we have listed just a few of the necessary tools you will need to employ, and we have included a fun little video below for tips on how to save for your next adventure, whether it be creating a blog or planning your next great escape! PS – As mentioned in tip #5, check out our friends at Invibed who offer Wealth Coaching for Millennials! You’ll get totally digestible, one-on-one guidance from a Certified Financial Planner, who will help you reach your financial goals and so much more. Seriously consider them, they are awesome (Promo Code: ADVENTURE for $50 off).

When executed with wisdom, commitment and faith, a blog (vlog, business, whatever!) with a positive message can be an incredible, unstoppable force, capable of gathering hundreds… millions to further its mission. Our blog has gifted us with the ability to inspire beyond anything we could have ever done alone. It has taken us years to get to where we are today, and we know that we still have so much farther to go. We are honored to share our journey of discovery with you and look forward to seeing what our story inspires you to seek, in blogging and in the world!

burning man giant letters, burning man dream, giant dream sign, dream giant letters burning man, how to make a difference, how to start a blog, how to start a blog that makes a difference, how to make a difference with your lifeAnd because practical advice is always super helpful when starting out, here’s what we use and highly recommend:

Blogging platform: WordPress

Domain name + hosting: GoDaddy

Logo design: 99Designs + Fiverr (also great for WordPress design help) + search Instagram for freelance illustrators and graphic designers

Email capture: SumoMe

Newsletter: MailChimp (works seamlessly with SumoMe)

Consistency across all Social Media platforms: Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube + Pinterest (HootSuite is a great tool for SM management)

Photo + Video Gear: entire post on all the best here

Bonus! Our ultimate favorite podcasts we listen to for guidance and inspiration:

School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Entrepreneur on Fire by John Lee Dumas

Timothy Ferris Show by Tim Ferris (of course)

Side Hustle School by Chris Guillebeau

And if you love the outdoors, Mtn Meister by Ben Schenck


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    November 2, 2018

    Thanks for your tips, it is useful for bloggers. You guys are so cool and seem to have lots of fun travelling together. Way to go!

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    August 13, 2017

    Your information is super helpful! Thank you!

    • Reply

      Brittany Rouille

      August 19, 2017

      Hi Jordan! Thank you for taking the time to share your kind and encouraging comment ?❤️

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    Kaitlyn O.

    April 29, 2017

    Love this! Very inspirational and helpful!

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      May 1, 2017

      Aww, we are so glad to hear you enjoyed it! Please comment with your blog link if you do start one :)))

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    March 5, 2017

    Thank you for sharing this information! I hope you know there are many people who support this blog and truly appreciate what you two put out into the world.
    This post made me realize, I’d be very interested to see a “Day in the Life” type post from you two. what does a bloggers life look like on the other side??
    Again, thanks for all you do 🙂

    • Reply


      March 5, 2017

      Bryanna, this comment made both of our hearts smile. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our post and share your support and love – means the world to us 🙂 And what’s so funny is that I’ve drafted up a day in the life video for a while now – tossed it – revisited it – tossed it – now it’s time to make this video happen! Drew and I are currently in 2 separate places (me= LA and he= Hood River, OR) but he will be back in LA with me in a couple of weeks so we’ll try our best to make it happen then! Thanks for the suggestion, we need that little boost of motivation! And thank you for you <3

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    February 28, 2017

    Hello Mr. and Mrs. Adventure, I am a 1yr old vlogger. I enjoyed reading this post and viewing the creativity put into your website. Super inspiring, and resonating content. Keep up the amazing lifestyle.

    L.O.V.E. RJ

    • Reply


      March 1, 2017

      Hi Rachel, thanks so much for taking the time to share your sweet thoughts, we are so glad you found us 🙂 Sending you lots of encouragement on your vlogging journey!

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    February 28, 2017

    Awesome, inspirational post. I’ve been considering Nomadic Matt’s course for a few months, and will definitely be getting it now (we will use your link when we do). You guys answered so many questions for me (such as email hosting) and I’m so appreciative of the help. Have fun on your adventures! Would you recommend us attending the event in Portland in July? 🙂

    • Reply


      February 28, 2017

      Nomadic Matt’s course is an incredible resource, glad to know you’ve discovered it too! Read everything, use the FaceBook group for questions and to share exciting developments/discoveries with your blog, it will definitely keep you on the path to your vision 🙂 And we so appreciate you using our link!! And if you can swing WDS Drew and I both agree that it’s an incredible, invaluable experience. The people you’ll meet, the talks you’ll hear, the inspiration you’ll gain. It’s what made us decide 100% that the only thing we were interested in doing with our lives was discovering/manifesting our dreams. We so wish we could go again (Euro bound at the end of June), but would be delighted if you were the ones to go in our place! Face value= $657 each, we could do an even $1250 for both. So glad you found this post helpful and excited to see where this all takes you guys + Scarlett Begonias 🙂

      • bigdogtravelblog

        February 28, 2017

        I’m going to let you know if we can swing the cost of the WDS this year, if not we will definitely look into going next year. That’s awesome you are headed back to Europe this summer. We look forward to reading more of your adventures 🙂 Thanks guys, keep living your dreams.

      • mrandmrsadventure

        March 1, 2017

        You know how to find us 🙂 Sending you lots of love and encouragement on your blogging journey!

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