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8 Secrets to Growing a POWERFULLY INSPIRED Instagram Community!

build instagram, grow instagram tipsI debated writing this post, not because I didn’t want to share our “Instagram secrets,” which actually aren’t even secrets at all, but because I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea. Growing a community isn’t about the numbers, it’s about making proper use of the incredible opportunity we all have to connect with other like minded souls. Using the internet in this way allows us to take our virtual reality and transform it into a tool for tangible unity. Now more than ever we have the chance to help each other manifest our dreams!

We view being “Instagrammers” as a wonderful responsibility. We don’t want to add to all the noise that’s already out there, WE WANT TO BE A VOICE THAT AWAKENS, a voice that reminds us all that the REAL MAGIC has nothing to do with technology. We want to inspire and engage our followers while also teaching them to value real-life adventures, encouraging them to put down their phones, put on their boots and discover the magic of true connection – with our earth, with our spirit, with God and with everyone around us.

An example of virtual reality manifesting greatness: Here’s a photo of an incredible collection of VanLifers whom we reached out to via Instagram and invited to be a part of our first ever VanLife Village gathering… looking forward to cherishing these guys for life:

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We are like puzzle pieces, unique in what we bring to the table and together creating something beautiful. What an honor it was to have guided a vanlife workshop at @outfound_series as part of the first ever VanLife Village. The exchange of knowledge and hugs was potent soul medicine, a reminder of the depth of passion fueling this movement of humans in vans bumping down the dusty roads of America and beyond. A huge thank you to @mrandmrsadventure for organizing such a great event and to everyone we connected with for your presence and reflecting to us the Why of vanlife. Until we meet again… keep living the dream. 🔥💧🌿🌌🏔🚐✨📸by Josh @ditchtheplans 🙏🏼 #outfoundseries #vanlifevillage

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While Instagram is so much more than numbers, the reality is, if you want your story to go far and make an impact on the hungry souls around you, then it’s fair to say that numbers do matter, but only to a certain degree. It’s placing value on organic growth, sprouted from sincere efforts, that will keep the opportunity to connect with and influence others from turning into a relentless, potentially twisted, imbalanced game. SO, in an effort to help you make the most of your unique opportunity to connect and inspire, we have decided to share 8 Secrets to Growing a POWERFULLY INSPIRED Instagram Community!:

1.Turn post notifications on for Instagram accounts you feel particularly connected to. Whenever they post a new photo take the time to look, like and comment. Some of our very favorites include those mentioned in the post caption below:

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T-minus 10 days till VanLife Europe Part✌🏼 and T-minus 0 days till @OutfFound_Series 2017!! @hisadventure + @tonio_aransaenz have been working so hard for the past 6 months to create this event (it's the whole reason we came back from VanLife Europe in the 1st place!), and as excited as we are to see EVERYTHING manifest, what we're really stoked about is the chance to meet all the incredible VanLifers who are steering their wheels in our direction to join us! #VanLifeVillage started as a fun little way to share the VanLife culture with attendees, but with the lineup of VanLifers who have decided to take a chance on this first-time event, it has truly blossoming into what we imagine will be a powerful gathering of some of the raddest souls out there 🚐✨ If you aren't following them already, take a moment to check them out, and prepare to be wildly inspired: @alwaystheroad @tinyhousetinyfootprint @wheresmyofficenow @ourhomeonwheels @freshoffthegrid @this.wild.dream we can't wait to meet you all and share in the journey 🤘🏼

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2.When perusing your favorite Instagramer’s photos, get to know the people who write thoughtful comments. Look at their recent photos and if you find them interesting and inspiring, comment, and, if you really happen to like them, go ahead and follow them. You don’t want to be stingy with your Instagram love, if you give it sincerely, it will return to you with the same intent.

3.After following someone new, make it a point to engage with them and comment on their next few photos. It’s important to nourish new connections, especially in the beginning. You need to make a good first impression with as many of your followers as possible if you are going to build a meaningful, loyal following that you care about in more ways than just numbers.

4.After posting a new photo, try your best to keep up with and respond to everyone who comments. You can even take it a step further and peruse your commenters’ Instagrams, liking and commenting on a post or 2 of theirs as well. It’s a nice way to say thank you for being an active and important member of our tribe 🙂

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5.Search hashtags of places you’ve been or something you’ve done recently. Example: I recently hiked Mount Defiance, so I search #MountDefiance and engage with photos I like + write relevant and thoughtful comments on them. This allows us to connect with others who truly share the same interests and even the same past times as us! In our experience, there is truly nothing better than bonding over the love and spirit of the great outdoors.

6.Download the “Repost” app and when another account shares you, thank them by reposting their photo + if you’re a big fan, encourage your followers to follow them as well! This is another great way to keep that connection open for more collaborations in the future + it shows that you play well with others 🙂

7.Be true to yourself. When writing a caption or sharing a story be conscious of your message and word choice. Are you writing something because it sounds nice or is it something that truly resonates with your soul? Sometimes I catch myself finishing off a really great, sincere caption with a cliche. Why?! Out of habit and because I feel like I was almost trained to make things sound “nice.” It’s moments like this where I challenge myself to find and strengthen my own unique voice, choosing to be authentic from the first word to the very last.

8.Honor your present moments. Don’t write on Instagram everyday, take breaks, leave your phone at home, practice gratitude, LIVE your life and just be. We fully believe in digital detox and even wrote an entire post on small ways you can make digital detox a big part of your everyday life! Taking a break from “the need for screen” will leave you fresh and ready to inspire.

Digital Detox everyday, digital detox guide, how to digital detox, phone addiction, addicted to my phone, how to limit technology, how to digitally detox, digital detox camp, how to be without your phone, white sands national monument, white sands new mexicoWe wish you all the best on your Instagram journey. May you connect with others who inspire you to be authentically you and may you discover a well of truth and connectedness within yourself as you write and share your own POWERFULLY INSPIRING story.

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Guys, yesterday was a huge day for us… we paid rent for THE LAST TIME on our LA apartment 😭 We've had this little oasis of stability for 6 years now but as much as we love our neighbors + the fact that there is always something awesome to go do / see / hike / explore, it doesn't change the fact that we have changed. The electric energy of the city no longer gives us what we need. So, we prepare to gather what little treasures we have (mostly polaroids, adventure gear, journals and cool rocks from places we've been), put it all in storage near San Diego and embark on living the VanLife full time. No more plan B, no more walls… just us, our big dreams and our little van full of love 💗 After LA, it's Oregon until June and then we fly back to Europe to pick up the #HowlinYoweller, who has been patiently waiting for us in our friend's barn in Bavaria since November 🚐💕 We can't wait to share all the places VanLife Europe Part 2 takes us!! #vanlifeherewecome

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#VanLifeEuropePart✌🏼 in just 6 glorious days and we are feeling so EMPOWERED by the incredible community of VanLifers we were blessed to meet this past weekend. ••• We started Mr and Mrs Adventure nearly 5 years ago as a way to inspire others + grow into our love for the great outdoors, but as time has gone on, it's evident that the love just keeps growing larger and stronger, leaving us with no choice but to dive in head first, holding onto nothing but each other, as we explore deeply and fearlessly into the wild vastness of the great unknown ✨ ••• Though we have little (little money, little van, little kitchen, little closet, little needs) what is big is our future and even bigger, our hearts. After connecting with other VanLifers, we no longer feel lost. We know we belong on the road. ••• In an effort to share more of our journey and connect on a more personal level with you all, we have been focusing on making more YouTube videos! To see our fun 3-minute clip on how VanLife Europe Part ☝🏼ended, click on the link in our bio, we can't wait to pick up right where we left off!! ••• Oo and tomorrow we'll be sharing our post + secrets on how to build a POWERFULLY INSPIRED Instagram community! Subscribe to our newsletter on MrandMrsAdventure.com to get our exciting updates sent right to your inbox (we believe in #lifeoutsidetheinbox so don't worry we won't cause clutter). We love growing and sharing our journey with you ❤️ ••• Photo taken under the Adriatic Sea during the 89 days we lived the VanLife in Croatia 🌊

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    August 1, 2017

    so glad you found this so useful!! Growing has been a 4 year process for us, as you find your voice, your audience finds you and little by little you begin to gain clarity as to your purpose and path. Keep on keepin’ on, we can’t wait to see where this all takes you. Persistence and faith will get you there! Lots of love!

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    July 28, 2017

    I learn so much from your posts! I had no idea you could turn on notifications of your favorite friends on Insta, now I need to go back and do this 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration, growing has been challenging over the past 6 months. Your meaningful words inspire us to keep traveling on. Happy adventures you two!

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