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Why QUIBERON is our FAVORITE Place in All of Europe

mr and mrs adventure, quiberon, vanlife europeOver the past 2 years, Drew and I have spent a collective 15 months living in and exploring Europe via the comforts of our British rolling home, the Howlin’ Yoweller. It’s a crazy adventure we live, and so to help us remember where we’ve been + make it even more fun to share, we’ve put together this comprehensive post with maps of our travels + you’ll definitely want to check out our 1st episode of VanLife Europe Part 2!:

Understandably, most people don’t even know where to begin when trying to navigate a conversation about our lives, but the #1 question everyone seems to start with is, “What’s your favorite place?!” There’s so much to mull over when considering the endless options for this seemingly simple answer (between the mountains in Norway, the sea in Croatia, the kindness in Ireland, the culture in Bavaria, the biking in Holland, the food in France, the wine in Italy… the list goes on!), but the more we see, the more we realize what a special place THIS truly is:

Quiberon, honeymoon in france, mr and mrs adventureAaaa, the quaint, salty, buttery little fisherman village of Quiberon. Yes, yes, I’m a bit partial – my dad was born here and it’s the region after which I was named – BUT that doesn’t change the fact that Quiberon is absolute MAGIC (at least in June, when the weather is perfect and the season hasn’t yet started):

quiberon, locmaria, mr and mrs adventure

quiberon, dreamy clouds, mr and mrs adventure

quiberon, red sailboat, mr and mrs adventure

quiberon, cote sauvage, mr and mrs adventureJust 9 miles long, this sliver-thin peninsula (called the “Presqu’ île” or “almost island”), is flanked on the western side by the windswept, rocky and very picturesque Côte Sauvage (“wild coast” as seen above), while the eastern side is lined with beautiful beaches, quaint seaports, oodles of campgrounds, AND the opportunity for deliciously fresh eats + endless adventure is waiting around every corner!… just be sure to avoid any milky oysters

drone quiberon, drone france, la presqu'ile de quiberon

drone quiberon, drone france, la presqu'ile de quiberonWe also love that it’s relatively small, making it perfectly digestible without being overwhelming, yet varied and diverse enough to keep it refreshingly invigorating + there are incredible islands you can ferry to + Americans really don’t seem to come here much at all, which has allowed the culture to be preserved in a way that’s becoming harder and harder to find (I pray it never changes). Each time we visit Quiberon, we feel we are getting a truly authentic experience, one that immerses and awakens every sense of our being, creating a combination of so many of our favorite things, ultimately resulting in a feeling that we have found no place else!

Were you smiling from ear to ear watching that video? We totally were. Gosh we love this place AND there is so much more to share about it! So, in an attempt to help you fully grasp the magic, here are a few (more) of our favorite things about Quiberon that make it quite irresistibly our favorite place in all of Europe:

1.The effortlessly-beautiful, tiny details everywhere you look:

quiberon france, best destination france, brittany france

quiberon france, best destination france, brittany france

quiberon france, best destination france, brittany france

quiberon france, best destination france, brittany france2. The perfect view of sunrise on the sandy shores of the east side (view from our van bed at Camping Rohu):

vanlife sunrise, quiberon sunrise, beach sunrise france3. And the PERFECT view of sunset on the west side:

quiberon sunset, france sunset, mr and mrs adventure sunset4. The incredibly delicious, incredibly fresh FOOD! From the seafood to baguettes, and the crepes gaufres and niniches – our bodies get so excited whenever we set our sails this direction!

baguette, vanlife van view, girl with bread

gaufres, french gaufre, french waffle nutella

french food, french crepes seafood, french galettes

french food, french crepes nutella confiture, french dessert

french food, french crepes with egg, french galettes 5. Fresh markets nearly EVERYDAY of the week (Port Haliguen is our fave):

french markets, farmers market girl, port haliguenEver tried escargot, aka snails?! They’re actually pretty yum.

escargot, quiberon, french seafood6. The beaches (and seashells):

quiberon beach, mr and mrs adventure, beaches in france

quiberon, penthievre, mr and mrs adventure

quiberon beach, mr and mrs adventure, beaches in france7. The coastal biking (and running) paths:

quiberon biking, biking france, mr and mrs adventureOr you can be like this family and circumnavigate + camp the “almost island” with your homemade carriage!

quiberon biking, biking france, mr and mrs adventure8. The incredible conditions for surfing + kitesurfing:

Penthievre, kitesurf gif

kitesurf cote sauvage, quiberon france, kitesurf france

kitesurf cote sauvage, quiberon france, kitesurf france

surf cote sauvage, quiberon france, surf france9. The wildly-dreamy, car-free island of Île-d’Houat.” You can walk around the entire island in 1 day before catching the 1.5 hour ferry back:

giant hammock, fishing net hammock, girl in giant hammock

ile d'houat, french islands, secret beach

ile d'houat, french islands, french flowers10. The “safest place in all of Europe, “Belle Île en Mer,” just a 1 hour and 15 minute ferry ride away. We biked around the entire island in 2 days:

port de goulphar, belle ile en mer, french sea port

belle ile en mer, french sheep, french farm animals

the needles of port coton, Les Aiguilles de Port-Coton, belle il en mer

romantic french windows, pink window, belle il en mer11. The endless memories… old and new:

quiberon, happy couple, cote sauvage

vanlife france, mr and mrs adventure, couple lives in van in europeCirca 1995, me (on the right) + my cousin, eating gaufres on the boardwalk in front of La Grand Plage:

gaufres, old film, sister cousinsAnd here are some stunning old photos of Mamé and Papé, our great grandparents, in Quiberon in the 1940’s:old film photos, quiberon, france in the 1940's

old film photos, quiberon, classic french woman

I don’t think we’ll ever get enough of this little gem by the sea… “La vie est belle,” especially when you’re in Quiberon.



  1. Reply

    Rene Huey-Lipton

    January 9, 2018

    Hi there! I’m so glad i found your site–I’ve been dreaming of visiting this place since I first saw a picture 10 years ago! Now, my daughter and I are coming this summer. Question: is there rock climbing in the area, maybe rock climbing over the sea (deep water soloing?)

    • Reply

      Brittany Rouille

      January 14, 2018

      Oh wow, I wonder what photo it was that you first saw, it’s such a wonderful place ❤️ There is no rock climbing that we know of.. definitely no guides or tours of that sort. Drew said you might be thinking of Corsica where you can do that. But biking, running trails and excursions to the islands of Belle Isle and Ile d’houat that you must do! You will fal in love with the richness of the culture.. and the butterrrrr ?

  2. Reply

    David from Travelodium

    December 25, 2017

    It’s great that you have been able to find a place that is your favorite place. After years of travelling I still don’t think I’ve found that best place of all. There are lot of places that are close to my heart, Got to say one thing about France in general is that the French really know how to live well and the food is just the best.

    • Reply

      Brittany Rouille

      December 26, 2017

      I’m definitely a but partial because of the family history, but there are few places that have remained as they were years ago… and YES. The food is just INCREDIBLE :)))))) Annecy is also a top contender for the #1 spot… but Croatia is amazing too! And Norway… and I am sure we are going to love Morocco! LOL, the world is full of so many wonderful places!

  3. Reply

    Beth Daly

    November 15, 2017

    Love this post! No doubt.. Quiberon holds a very special place in our <3's… Many happy memories in this rich and salty region of France… So happy that we named you Brittany! (It's a good thing you weren't a boy!)

    • Reply

      Brittany Rouille

      November 15, 2017

      LOL, I’m glad I was a girl too 😉 Thank you for naming me after such a special place <3

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