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10 Tips for Americans Traveling the U.K. in a Campervan!

british campervan holiday for americans, quirky campersWe’ve recently been asked to write a piece for our friends over at Quirky Campers who, as you might remember, rented us Hector (above), the incredible box truck/dream home on wheels that we lived in when we first began our European VanLife honeymoon adventure:

With our tour of Hector having gone viral + our attendance at their annual event Camp QuirkyQuirky Campers has been receiving an influx of Americans interested in renting their beautiful, hand-crafted vans for their own British holidays!

If you’ve been following our blog since we first started it back in 2013, then you are already well aware of the fact that Drew and I are both Americans, well, I am also half French but trying to get my French citizenship has been a 3-year process that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. C’est la vie. Any who, 5 days after getting married on the beach in Islamorada, Florida, we flew to England for the very first time to make our VanLife honeymoon dreams come true! Now, almost 3 years later, we are still rolling, and thanks to our little van, which we bought in England, we have been able to call countless places across the UK, Europe and Africa, “home.”

vanlife honeymoon, vanlife europe

We’ve grown quite fond of England, “ole Blighty,” throughout the years, and as a way to encourage people from our homeland to experience our home away from home, we have written these 10 things you need to know if you’re an American thinking about a campervan trip in the UK:

rent a campervan in england, how to travel england in campervan

1.This may seem obvious, but we’re going to bring it up anyway – everyone speaks English, just a prettier sounding version with fun and quirky words scattered about. We started our endless honeymoon on wheels in England specifically because we wanted to be somewhere were English was spoken in order to make the transition easier, which it definitely did. This one really confused us though… apparently “cat eyes” is their term for “reflectors.”

removed cats eyes, cats eyes removed, road reflectors, british road signs, funny foreign road signs, confusing foreign road signs, what are cats eyes england

While you’ll find many British terms to be different, like “bonnet” for the hood of the car, “petrol” for gasoline (which is sold in liters not gallons), “plaster” for band-aids and, one of our favorites, “ice lolly” for popsicle, it’s extremely easy to find your way around and converse with the Brits, who, in our experience, have always been extremely polite, warm-hearted and more than happy to help in any given situation. Like Tim, who helped give us a lift when our car battery died on Valentine’s Day:

rent a campervan in england, how to travel england in campervan

2.Driving on the other side of the road isn’t as hard as it sounds, promise. Just remember to “always keep left,” which we have to repeat out loud to ourselves, especially at roundabouts, until it eventually becomes second nature.

americans driving on left side of road, americans in england, americans driving on wrong side of road, driving on right side of car, americans in london, adventure in england, vanlife englandAND remember to look RIGHT when crossing the road on foot!

driving on the left, roads in england, american road trip in england

3.We’ve always felt extremely safe in England. We hardly see Police, but when we do they always seem to be having a jolly good time, and depending on where you are, people don’t even lock their bikes!

4.Pub culture, it’s a beautiful thing, especially on rainy days, when you can escape the campervan for a frothy beverage or a warm cup of tea and cozy up at the bar or next to a fireplace, passing endless hours conversing with delightfully witty and spirited Brits who will effortlessly make you fall in love with England even more, and when they buy you a drink (because they will), be sure to do the same.

british pub culture, vanlife in england5.With westernized grocery stores in every town, cooking in the van is easy, but make sure you make it out for a few bites to eat, because the food everywhere is actually pretty outstanding. From the fish and chips to bangers and mash, Cornish pasties and the famous Sunday roast, PLUS the plethora of delicious Indian food AND “the full English breakfast,” VanLife foodies will find something around every corner.

vanlife england, full english breakfast

6.The villages and cities all have their own unique, old-world charm about them. You’ll find cobblestone streets, bustling cafes + buildings, churches, universities and castles twice as old as anything we have in America. It’s incredible to see how such grand (mostly hand-built) structures have withstood the test of time so well.

salisbury cathedral, vanlife england

vanlife england, england roads

7.There is A TON of adventure. Some of our favorites include hiking Helvellyn in the Lakes District National Park (which is excellent for campervans) + surfing the waves in Cornwall + caving and white water rafting in Snowdonia + “coasteering” in Wales + fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast + taking “The Long Walk” to Windsor Castle + loads more.

hiking hellvellyn, best hike england, amazing hikes in england, best day hike in england, how high is hellvellyn, helvellyn hike england

fun in windsor england, the long walk

8.England is a great starting off point for visiting its beautiful neighbors too. With Scotland to the North and Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and even Scandinavia just a ferry ride away, if you’re looking to go International, England is the perfect place to get your feet wet… though we like keeping them warm and sunny too 😉

vanlife england, how to rent a campervan in england

9.BBC Radio 2 is our absolute favorite radio station. We stream it when we are in America too.

10.The campervan van culture in England is a national pastime. Families have been spending their holidays traveling in vans since way before #VanLife in America was ever a thing, so they have had time to perfect their craft. You will see VW’s and campervans of all shapes, colors and sizes on nearly every street, whether in driveways or on the road. You might even see converted box trucks, fire engines, ambulances (referred to as “van-bulances”), school buses and loads of other creative rolling homes, though many prefer to keep it stealth on the outside and magic on the inside. It’s amazing what you can do with a simple Ford Transit:

quirky campers, rent a campervan in englandBasically, as Americans, traveling around England in a campervan is just as easy as back at home… just a lot more culturally rewarding! From the accents, to the quirky differences of everyday normalcies and the beautiful landscapes that surround you, you’ll be charmed everywhere the road takes you, as long as you remember to stay left!

quirky campers, tips for traveling to england


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    Andrew Burgess

    September 17, 2019

    What can I say, so glad you enjoyed england, and the lake district.
    After binge watching most of your vlogs, I could see myself n a stealth camper.
    Wishing you, many more happy times on the road, you are blessed

    • Reply

      Brittany Rouille

      September 18, 2019

      Oh we love England, and the Brits, so very much. We miss it all!! The Lakes District was unforgettable, and there is still so much to explore… but yes, a stealth camper in the UK is key! Hoping to go into our archives one day and share more vlogs and thoughts about our time spend across the pond 😉

  2. Reply

    robert alan howarth

    November 11, 2018

    Great pics & comments.

    • Reply

      Brittany Rouille

      November 11, 2018

      So glad you enjoyed 🙂

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