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Adventure Cartoon, mr and mrs adventure, mr and mrs adventure cartoon, adventure time couple, adventurous traveling coupleMr and Mrs Adventure began in January of 2013 as a way to share our favorite memories, newly discovered lands and epic adventures with family and friends scattered across the globe. The more we saw, the more we loved, and since then our little blog has transformed into a hub of inspiration where we aspire to encourage all who follow along to listen to their hearts, follow their dreams and live their GREATEST ADVENTURE.

la tournette, lake annecy hikes, best hikes in europe, mr and mrs adventure, mr and mrs adventures, lake annecy france, best hikes in europe, vanlife europeDrew and I met while attending college at the University of Florida. We interviewed for a marketing internship with JanSport, and out of 400 students we were chosen to work together! We put on awesome events, had a ton of fun and we even sponsored an 3-day hiking/camping trip, which was also my first time camping EVER. On that trip my sleeping bag zipper broke and Drew offered to snuggle extra close to help keep me warm, and the rest is history!

mr and mrs adventure, mr and mrs adventures, vanlife couple, vanlife europe, americans living in europe, travel europe in a campervan, honeymoon in a campervan, superhero couple, amazing travel blog couple, adventure travel blog coupleWe ended up dating for a year before graduating and then decided to move to LA together, where we lived for almost 4 years, and absolutely LOVED it. With its sparkling city lights, beckoning mountains and endless weekend excursions, we were constantly inspired to #optoutside, but no matter how high we would hike, how long we would bike or how far we would road trip, we just couldn’t seem to get enough.

mr and mrs adventure, engagement photos los angeles, heart balloon, heart balloon engagement photos, brittany rouille, city of angels, los angeles engagement photo locations, made in LAWhile we loved LA, we realized that we were stuck in an endless cycle of living for our weekends, so after a bit of hesitation and a lot of planning, we decided to leave the “9-to-5 world” behind to follow our passions… which lead us to traveling across the US and Canada in a 21-foot Sprinter Van aka. “The Adventure Mobile,” + Iceland, for a year!

home, couple lives in van, vanlife couple, sprinter life couple, couple lives in sprinterWe met some incredible people, visited a ton of National Parks and fell in love with #Vanlife. After realizing that we could live in a van and still love/like each other (more so even!), we decided to tie the knot, officially becoming Mr and Mrs Adventure-Neumann! Proposal story here and wedding video here. Finally, it was time to set out on the honeymoon of a lifetime…

boxwood photography, mr and mrs adventure, beach wedding, islamorada florida beach wedding, beautiful beach wedding, dream beach wedding, light beach wedding, dreamy wedding lights, christmas lights wedding, babys breath wedding, amazing outdoor wedding lighting, dreams outdoor wedding, magical wedding lights, bride and groom on dock, dock lighting weddingInstead of opting for the classic romantic honeymoon getaway, we chose for one of the most challenging and unforgettable experiences of our lives. Just 5 days after getting married, we flew to London and rented Hector, our Quirky Campervan, and began our search for the perfect #rollinghome to buy and call our own. It didn’t take long for us to find the #HowlinYoweller, a custom-converted Ford Transit, and for 2.5 years we adventured across England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Scandinavia, Morocco and more! We have since returned to San Diego, where our 5x5ft storage unit has been awaiting our return and now… we’re not quite sure what’s next! But we’re stoked to be taking you along for the ride.

For us, adventure started as a fun concept, something to do on weekends, something to fantasize about and research so we could plan our next big escape. Before we knew it our adventures took on a life of their own, and not only did our definition of adventure change, but we changed. Adventure became a part of us and us, forever a part of it.

anything can happen, i can fly, people flying, superhero couple, mr and mrs adventure big surWe post new insights, stories, travel tips and more (subscribe if you haven’t already!), but THE BEST way to be a part of our journey is to follow us on Instagram +YOUTUBE (and you can always check out our “Where are we now?! page for our latest updates too)!

mr and mrs adventure, vanlife europe, couple live in van, honeymoon in vanLet us know how our travels help inspire you and always remember to challenge yourself to live a bigger, freer, more adventurous life! adventure consulting, mr and mrs adventure, travel planner, travel agent online, vacation planner, adventure coupleAdventure and love all-ways,

Brittany + Drew