10 Unbelievably BEAUTIFUL Places in CROATIA to Adventure

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After receiving an email from one of our followers asking for some help with his Croatian honeymoon planning (excellent choice btw), we decided to use it as the perfect opportunity to start making a dent in our pile of #VanLifeEurope post ideas, which has been growing (at an … [Read more...]

15 Ways To Make Your Big Sur Road Trip (Even More) UNFORGETTABLE

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Aaaa. Big Sur (deep breath in). 90 miles of scenic, winding coastline supported by the mighty Santa Lucia Mountains rising abruptly from the Pacific, abounding with soaring birds, golden-watercolored sunsets and an air that blankets everything with a sense of endless adventure, … [Read more...]

See what city left us sleepless, in all THE BEST of ways

best of seattle, fremont troll, seattle adventures

Did you guess which city we're referring to yet? Unless you live there, odds are that you have no idea there's a giant troll living underneath one of the areas major bridges (!), or that it's the fastest growing, most literate city in the US (!!), or that it's home to the world's … [Read more...]

The Best Montreal Bucket List You’ll Ever Find!

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I used to think writing Bucket Lists was easy, but lately we've really become serious about the criteria required for an item to be placed on THE LIST. It becomes particularly interesting when you're in a foreign land with so much to see, so much to do and at the same time you're … [Read more...]

Visiting Martha’s Vineyard For The First Time

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Steeped in scenic beauty, Martha's Vineyard attracts wide-eyed day-trippers, celebrity second-home owners and burnt out city slickers seeking a restful getaway... and then there's us. Determined to bike "Up- Island," we boarded the 8am ferry (tickets and times here) and headed … [Read more...]