Essential Photography Gear + 5 Tips For Taking Adventurously-Romantic Couple Photos (without a 3rd wheel)

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Since Drew and I started dating back in 2009 we've taken over 53,000 photos together... WOAH. And that's just counting the ones we've kept and edited... CRAZY. It all started with a simple point and shoot camera but as time went on, we fell more and more in love with photography, … [Read more...]

Our Starry-Skied Seaside Wedding in Islamorada, Florida

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It's been almost four months since this beautiful, happy day and we + our #rollinghome have lived in five countries, traversed the sea 3 times and driven over 5,300 miles... and we're only getting started! If you had told teenage me that after getting married I would be moving … [Read more...]

The ULTIMATE Last Minute Gift Guide!

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It always seems like the one thing we need around the Holiday Season is the one thing no one can give us... MORE TIME. If only there was a way to gift hours of peace and quality time... what a wonderful world it would be! Well it's still a wonderful world, we just have to MAKE … [Read more...]

How to plan an awesome surprise party!

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I have a huge smile on my face just looking at this picture, I can't tell who had more fun, me or Drew! As a surprise party planner you experience the immense elation that comes from an artfully and, hopefully, successfully executed plan. Whether all the parts fall flawlessly … [Read more...]

DIY Bicycle Bar

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This DIY Bicycle Bar is all kinds of awesome! I haven't been able to find a blueprint for it, but I am sure you can make one customized to fit any bike! I can't wait to make it for mine!... it would be even more appropriate on a bicycle built for 2 <3 … [Read more...]