The Best Way to Summit Mount Baldy!

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You'd think that out of all the hikes we've done in Southern California we'd come to a place where we could say we've done it all... not a chance - there is so much to do out here! We are constantly discovering more and more epic adventures to add to our bucket list, one thing we … [Read more...]

Our FAVORITE SoCal Hike: Sandstone Peak

Rising high above the city smog, surrounded by green, rolling hills and framed by the famous, endless summer waves of Malibu, rests Sandstone Peak, aka Mount Allen - the tallest point in the Santa Monica Mountains. At 3,111 feet, this peak can be reached via a 6.25-mile loop with … [Read more...]

Summiting Alta Peak in Sequoia National Park + Seeing the LARGEST Trees in the World!

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You never forget those days when you summit a mountain, and we mean that both literally and figuratively. The experience of overcoming that physical and mental struggle that tries to weigh you down as you persist and push forward is a powerful experience, one that keeps you … [Read more...]

Summiting Salvation Mountain + Seeing Slab City + Smelling the Salton Sea

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Part 2: After leaving Joshua Tree, we ventured South for 1.5 hours past Coachella, into the forgotten land of Niland, California, home of just about one thing - the famously colorful, and wildly imaginative Salvation Mountain (map). We first learned about Salvation Mountain … [Read more...]

Summiting Mount Whitney

Words can't even begin to describe the experience of climbing Mount Whitney. My most vivid memory is waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning on Sunday, August 25th, layering on every piece of clothing we had in our packs, bringing the rest of our food, along with 3-liters of water … [Read more...]