Vanlife Thoughts on Nature vs. Cities + Inspiring Moments and Magical Places in Amsterdam

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Slow mornings with tired muscles, fresh air, hot tea and lots of nature. #Vanlife has the potential to take us ANYWHERE we desire, and while we find ourselves within a stone's throw of some of the world's GRANDEST cities, it's places and moments like this that we treasure … [Read more...]

Vlog #9 AMSTERDAM: Biking through tulip fields + eating Dutch pancakes!

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It's been 2 weeks since our last blog post and A LOT has happened! First of all we should mention that we are in AUSTRIA! Our great friend invited us to be a part the Wings for Life World Run in Vienna and we couldn't resist. Here we are being interviewed about our travels by the … [Read more...]

Amsterdam #VanLife Update + 12 Fave Moments from Ireland, Scotland and England

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We're in Amsterdam!! King's Day was CRAZY, orange and crazy. Seeing our awesome friend Mero was AMAZING, orange and amazing :) And now it's nearly 8pm (Thursday) and we have spent the entire day in pursuit of vanlife's necessities. 1. Water. We needed to replenish the 16 gallons … [Read more...]