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How we packed our lives into 12 boxes and 1 tiny car so we can travel the world

After reading numerous blogs on the subject, we started to feel like giving up all our personal belongings was a prerequisite for traveling the world. But, to us, such…

Don’t lose sight of your vision, even if you’re completely lost in the middle of Chinatown.

Before we say anything else, we wold like to announce that OUR NEW SITE DESIGN IS FINALLY COMPLETE AND LIVE! We hope you love it!

Flashback to our Chinatown Scavenger…

Terrifically real, sometimes vulnerable, strong and wildly blessed: What happens when you persevere.

We can remember countless times, in various situations, asking ourselves, “How are we going to do this?” With both literal and figurative mountains to climb, trails to blaze, distances to go…