What and Where is the Petrified Forest!?

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Here it is. Literally. HERE IT IS. The most famous sign on Route66 since 1949. The Jackrabbit Trading Post, originally a snake farm until a dude bought the land and set all the snakes free (eek!), has been selling trinkets and enticing visitors with its ginormous JACKRABBIT, … [Read more...]

Two of the most beautiful (and challenging) hikes in Glacier National Park

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Did you know that Glacier NP has just 25 glaciers left? When you compare that to the 150 glaciers it had in 1850 it makes you realize the incredible effect global warming is having on our fragile little planet. It’s estimated that by the year 2030 there will be no more glaciers … [Read more...]

The Essential Guide To Yellowstone National Park

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Opened in 1872, Yellowstone was the first ever National Park in the history of our country! Ever since that momentous day, families, outdoor enthusiasts and foreigners, from near and far, have been flocking to its timber gates to see the historic beauty that awaits. We knew it … [Read more...]

Visiting Mount Rushmore: Day vs. Night

By the time you read this post we'll be on a 10-day boating trip in ALASKA! More on that to come soon. Back to the West. With the rolling hills on the horizon and the setting sun lighting up the road before us, we were determined to make it to those mighty stone Presidents before … [Read more...]

The Best Hiking, Biking and Camping Adventures In Acadia National Park

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Resting along the rugged coast of Maine, just outside of the quaint town of Bar Harbor, lies beautiful Acadia National Park (official NPS map here). Home to the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast, visitors come to hike the pink granite peaks, bike the historic carriage … [Read more...]