The Great Escape: Camping and Rock Climbing in Big Bear

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You ever get that urge to get away and disconnect? There is only so much typing on a computer, texting with miniature buttons on a miniature screen and being reachable 24/7 that one can take before going mad - at least that how we felt this past weekend. So, in an attempt to … [Read more...]

Visiting the Wacko Soap Plant (the 2nd Happiest Place on Earth) and Hiking Mount Roubidoux

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You ever have one of those weekends where you just don't know what to do? For pre-planners like us we don't tend to have those all too often,  but this past weekend was an exception. After playing with the idea of summiting Mount Baldy, biking to Venice Beach or camping in some … [Read more...]

Lead Climbing Lessons at Riverside Rock Quarry

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Drew and I have been rock climbing since the beginning of our relationship. It has always been something that we have loved doing together but we have never been able to go out and do it on our own because rock climbing can be extremely dangerous if you don't know the necessary … [Read more...]

Joshua Tree: Camping in Hidden Valley, Biking Geology Tour Road and Hiking to Skull Rock

Just 2 hours away from the City of Lights, lies the land of hundreds and hundreds of wild-armed truffula trees, also known as the Joshua Tree: This past week Drew and I had the chance to get out of town and spend sometime with these crazy looking things, and quickly learned … [Read more...]

LA Rock Climbing: Planet of the Apes

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Ever since Drew and I had our first outdoor rock climbing experience at Foster Falls in college (awesome video we made here), we fell in LOVE with it. So, in an attempt to become climbers, we asked for harnesses and climbing shoes from the Clymb for Christmas this past year, step … [Read more...]