Colorful, mesmerizing, completely remote and unique: Riding THE WAVE

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Swirling textures, smooth curves and mesmerizing tones of orange, purple and red. We had dreamt of this place for so long and the day had finally arrived when we would get to ride, The Wave. The road to The Wave is located just outside the tiny town of Kanab, Utah, but The … [Read more...]

How did we make it to SoCal in the first place?

Way back in 2011, before Mr and Mrs Adventure, there was still Mr and Mrs Adventure... we just didn't know it yet! Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we graduated from The University of Florida, and after living in the college bubble for 5 years, we were ready for a real adventure. … [Read more...]

Adventures in Zion National Park

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It was 5am Saturday morning, the car was packed full, our tumblers full of joe and LA as still as ever. We had 7 hours of ahead of us before we would arrive to Zion (map here), which we now deem as one of the most incredible places in America. Pior to heading out we didn't do … [Read more...]