Life On A Boat: Exploring Alaska’s Inside Passage To The Final Frontier

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Meet Captain Bob. For over 15 years he has been navigating the Caledonia through the crystal-blue glacial waters of Alaska and for 10 days, he would be our fearless and trusted guide through the unpredictable and magnificently-wild Inside Passage to the Final Frontier. We … [Read more...]

Nouveau Monde: Whitewater Rafting Down Canada’s Epic Riviere Rouge!

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Whitewater rafting is a lot of fun, but whitewater rafting with Nouveau Monde down the incredible Riviere Rouge and “The Turtle,” now that’s an ABSOLUTE BLAST: Located just an hour away from Mont Tremblant, we arrived for our full-day rafting adventure around 9:45am. We signed … [Read more...]

Surf & Turf: Running in the Silver Strand Half + Boating Mission Bay!

silver strand half marathon, half marathon in southern california, old woody car california, classic cars sand diego

As much as the City of Angels has stolen our hearts, San Diego definitely has a way of pulling on our heart strings. Every time we visit, we experience an undeniable desire to move to this laid back, surfer-movie, boater's-paradise version of our West Coast lives. We most … [Read more...]

An escape from LA is just a ferry ride away!: Exploring Catalina Island

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The morning sun was shining brightly on our sleepy-eyed faces as the salty wind flew through our hair. We could see the outline of our destination in the distance and sat happily as the Cat Express gifted us with stunning views of the Golden Coast along our 1 hour commute. As the … [Read more...]

Relaxing Hardcore at Paradise Hot Springs

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 Sweet, sweet relaxation. After a week of jungle hiking, whitewater rafting, ocean kayaking, getting engaged (!!), surviving a stomach virus, climbing a volcano and feeding a gang of wild animals, we were in need of some serious R & R. It was 7am, the rain was trickling on … [Read more...]