Personalized Postcard ♥


Sent from various locations across the world (be sure to check out our “Where are we now” page to see where your postcard might be coming from), we will write a customized message of your choice or a personal note from us to you!

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We love sending postcards! Plus they make the best souvenirs because they take up hardly any space in the van (stickers and patches are cool too).

What our postcards might be perfect for:

☆ Are you dreaming of travel, living for your weekends, in need of some piece of hope that freedom is out there? We promise to write you the uplifting, motivational message you need to keep your chin up!

☆ Do you love following our stories and simply want to feel like you are truly a part of The Adventure? We love that, in fact, we would be honored to send a postcard to any loyal member of our tribe.

☆ Maybe you and your sweetheart are planning an epic adventure of your own and you want to surprise him/her with a little inspiration from us! A couple who’s been there and is exited for you to do it too!

☆ Is there someone you know who has never travelled?? Let us know and we’ll send them a little piece of the world to cherish and maybe even inspire them to get out too!

What to include: Name of postcard recipient + address + any message specifications 🙂



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