6 Ways TRAVEL Can Turn Your World Right Side Up

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You see that crazy little trail we traced all around the map above? That's EVERYWHERE we've been over the past 9 months since embarking on this vanlife adventure exactly 283 days ago starting from the Southernmost Point of the US all the way down in Florida. Over 21,000 miles … [Read more...]

Not Dying While Summiting Temple Mountain

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Let us start off by saying that we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to do this hike. We had just finished our sunrise canoe ride on Lake Louise when we asked one of the workers if there was anything we HAD TO do before leaving the area. He knew we … [Read more...]

Good Bye LA, Hello New Adventure!

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First off we have to say Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you all are enjoying this special holiday in some way that fills your heart with joy. This year we're dedicating our Thanksgiving to all of the love and incredible memories LA has given us. It's hard to believe that our first … [Read more...]

“4 Epic Hikes You Gotta Take” Video: Now Live on MSN.com!

Here's our second episode for MSN's "Life Unleashed." If you liked episode 1, we think you'll like this one even more! We did : ) … [Read more...]

“Ultimate Travel Tips” Video: Live on MSN.com!

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Above is a photo of Drew getting his make up done for the first time ever! With all of the outdoor activities we seek out there is no time for messing around with powdered noses or glossy lips now is there. But this wasn't for any ordinary occasion, these were "game day … [Read more...]