The Blue Ridge Parkway In 1 Day

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There we go! About to drive through one of the many rustic-stone tunnels located along the historic, 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway, America's longest linear park. Part of the Appalachian Mountains, the BRP runs through North Carolina and Virginia, and though it's not technically a … [Read more...]

Our Engagement Party!

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With twinkling lights, Sheila's freshly baked cookies, friends and family all around, we couldn't think of a better time to celebrate our Engagement. Everyone did such a wonderful job pitching in, guests made delicious dishes, while dad and Drew hung the lights, mom made the … [Read more...]

Epic and Unforgettable: Hiking Yosemite’s Half Dome

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That photo above... I know, I know, amazing right? We'll get there in a moment, let me just set the scene. We left LA with Drew's parents in their awesome RV earlier that morning. We chatted, napped and snacked, hanging out as if we were in our very own portable living room... … [Read more...]