5 Ways San Diego Is More Romantic Than LA

5 Ways San Diego Is More Romantic Than LA, san diego, san diego sunset

Coming from two LA lovers, this is a hard statement for us to make. But alas, after a week of sparkling bay waters, homeless-free (ish) parks, great cafes, friendly faces and traffic-free streets (?!), there was no denying the heightened quality of life, air and love in … [Read more...]

Not Dying While Summiting Temple Mountain

Temple Mountain, best hike in canada, must do hike in canada, best hike in banff, how to hike temple mountain, temple mountain hiking tips

Let us start off by saying that we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to do this hike. We had just finished our sunrise canoe ride on Lake Louise when we asked one of the workers if there was anything we HAD TO do before leaving the area. He knew we … [Read more...]

The Essential Guide To Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone entrance, couple at yellowstone, what to know before going to yellowstone, yellowstone adventures, best of yellowstone, yellowstone animals, girl with balloons

Opened in 1872, Yellowstone was the first ever National Park in the history of our country! Ever since that momentous day, families, outdoor enthusiasts and foreigners, from near and far, have been flocking to its timber gates to see the historic beauty that awaits. We knew it … [Read more...]