10 Unbelievably BEAUTIFUL Places in CROATIA to Adventure

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After receiving an email from one of our followers asking for some help with his Croatian honeymoon planning (excellent choice btw), we decided to use it as the perfect opportunity to start making a dent in our pile of #VanLifeEurope post ideas, which has been growing (at an … [Read more...]

Why We Left VanLife: #LifeAfterVan (for now)

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It feels like we have lived 5 years since our last post... which was just over 2 months ago... and for some, 2 months may not seem like a long time, but for us we have literally been ALL OVER the place! After finally being able to cross the border back into the Schengen countries … [Read more...]

Vlog #12 WILD Camping: Tips, Stories and Why We LOVE It!

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We shower at the beach, we cook and dine by candlelight, we wakeup in the mountains/next to the sea and we never have to make reservations... Since our last blog post we have spent the past 2 months exploring Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia, eating a ton of fresh figs (OMG) … [Read more...]

WHERE ARE WE NOW?! After 6 Months of #VanlifeEurope…

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THERE WE ARE, with the #HowlinYoweller, feeling the superhuman-like gratitude we have for being able to live our Vanlife dreams, but living our dreams isn't necessarily easy, it's amazing, but easy very well may be the last thing it is. Everyday seems like we have some new … [Read more...]

Wanderlust in AUSTRIA: Hiking the Hills in Salzburg + Getting Completely LOST in Hallstatt

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Where to start?! It has been a while since our last update and we have been ALL OVER the place. Since visiting Paris (jaw-dropping post on the Siene floods here), we traveled back to America for my sister's EPIC wedding in Washington DC! It was seriously epic, we ended up having … [Read more...]