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Where Are We Now?

June 2nd, 2017

Current Location:  Hood River, Oregon where Drew is creating OUTFOUND Series, a 3-day adventure sports and outdoor innovation festival taking place June 9-11th! It’s SXSW meets the Outdoors. If you can make it we would LOVE for you to join!

Next up – Flying to Munich for VanLife Europe Part 2 on June 19th!

Our van, the Howlin’ Yoweller, has been patiently awaiting our return in our friend’s barn in Bavaria! Then it’s 4 months of VanLife Europe: Brittany, France  – Cornwall, England – Scandinavia and beyond!

Being that we live on the road most of the time, wifi access is not all that easy to come by (though thanks to tep wireless we are connected way more than we ever could have dreamed!), so while we will try our best to keep this map as up to date as possible, Instagram and Youtube are the best ways to find us, and soon our Podcast (in the works) will be too! 

Checkout our Map below to see if there is an Adventure near you to discover!