Where Are We Now?

March 6th, 2017

Current Location:  I, Brittany, am home sweet home, back in Los Angeles, California, catching up on writing and other various things since not living in a van for the 1st time in 2 years.

Drew is in Oregon for the next several months creating OUTFOUND Series, a 3-day adventure sports and outdoor innovation festival on the waterfront in Hood River. It’s SXSW meets the Outdoors.

We travel back and forth each month, spending at least a week together in one place or the other ♡

Next up – Focusing on some exciting new projects, so stay tuned to our site and watch for the changes and updates!

Last Adventure – Our adventurous road trip traveling across America from FL to CA!

Being that we live on the road, wifi access is not all that easy to come by (though thanks to tep wireless we are connected way more than we ever could have dreamed!), so while we will try our best to keep this map as up to date as possible, Instagram and Youtube are the best ways to find us, and soon our Podcast (in the works) will be too! 

Checkout our Map below to see if there is an Adventure near you to discover!