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The Best Montreal Bucket List You’ll Ever Find!

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I used to think writing Bucket Lists was easy, but lately we’ve really become serious about the criteria required for an item to be placed on THE LIST. It becomes particularly interesting when you’re in a foreign land with so much to see, so much to do and at the same time you’re star-struck by all […]

Recent Adventures:

What 4-Days of Biking Canada’s 280km Chemin Du Roy Can Teach You About Life

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What would inspire us to bike nearly 180 miles without the proper gear, lightweight bikes or any previous experience with long-distance cycle touring (watch our awesome video here)? One thing: THE DESIRE TO TRY SOMETHING NEW. Like going to the best cafe in a new city for the first time and smelling those freshly baked croissants and spotting […]

What IS at The End of The Appalachian Trail?!

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Just before completing the impressive 2,168.1 miles that make up the Appalachian Trail, hikers are faced with one final ascent. A mountain, generally viewed as an obstacle, is transformed into a beacon of hope. Streep and strenuous, but even more so rewarding and victorious, at the end of the Appalachian Trail is THIS: Mount Katahdin, meaning “The Greatest Mountain,”  is the […]

The Best Hiking, Biking and Camping Adventures In Acadia National Park

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Resting along the rugged coast of Maine, just outside of the quaint town of Bar Harbor, lies beautiful Acadia National Park (official NPS map here). Home to the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast, visitors come to hike the pink granite peaks, bike the historic carriage roads and simply relax and enjoy the incredible scenery. With so […]

Visiting Martha’s Vineyard For The First Time

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Steeped in scenic beauty, Martha’s Vineyard attracts wide-eyed day-trippers, celebrity second-home owners and burnt out city slickers seeking a restful getaway… and then there’s us. Determined to bike “Up- Island,” we boarded the 8am ferry (tickets and times here) and headed towards this incredible little piece of the world. When we got off the ship we were pleasantly […]

9 Things We’ve Learned After 100 Days On The Road

WOW. 100 days. I can still remember week 1, kicking it in The Keys, trying to figure out how to cook in a 4-foot space, how to turn over in the middle of the night without whacking my head on a handle or the roof and how to communicate with each other in a way that makes room for both our needs and wants... I still hit my head every night. Nevertheless, here are the things we've learned

WOW. 100 days. 18 states. 2 countries and now we’re in Canada! I can still remember week 1, kicking it in The Keys, trying to figure out how to cook in a 4-foot space, how to turn over in the middle of the night without whacking my head on a handle or the roof and how to communicate with each […]

Biking (and Parking) in New York City… You’ve Got To Be CRAZY!

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Once we finally had the chance to regroup after returning from Iceland, we were juggling a few different options for where to go next. After not much contemplation, we made the bold decision to turnaround and follow our hearts all the way back to New York City. Turnaround?! Now generally we don’t tend to backtrack, but […]

Our Wicked Good Boston Bucket List: Franks, Freedom and So Much More

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Our first day in Boston was a perfectly crisp and clear Massachusetts day. We biked along the Esplanade, sipped on an incredible cappuccino at The Thinking Cup on Newbury Street (go there), watched as they constructed the Boston Marathon finish line, and saw the famous Keytar Bear playing in The Common. Needless to say it was a pretty […]

Our EPIC Iceland Bucket List

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Stunning right? Words can’t even begin to describe the jaw-dropping, thought-stunting experience that is the Northern Lights. We had been hoping to see them the entire trip, but as with all natural phenomena, we had no idea whether all the right elements would come together to make this dream come true… We had just finished […]

Eating Fermented Shark and Indulging in the Finest of Dining in Reykjavik

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Iceland, home to an endless array of natural beauty, notoriously unpredictable weather patterns and some of the most outlandishly decadent dining experiences in the world. After living in our Kuku Camper for 2 weeks, we decided it was time to treat ourselves with 2 days of living like a local in the incredible city of Reykjavik. It was our […]

Experiencing The Surreal: Iceland’s Incredible Blue Lagoon

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After enduring a 5-hour red-eye, we landed in Reykjavic at 4am (midnight in the US), only to wait 5 more hours until the arrival of our scheduled pick up with Kuku Campers. As noted in our previous post, business hours in Iceland start a bit later and end a bit earlier, perhaps the reason why there are no Starbucks or […]

Relationship Q & A

Why would you want to live in a van for a year?

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Partially because we’re crazy, but mostly because it’s something we crave. For the past year Drew and I have been itching for a geographical challenge. Luckily our jobs and careers have worked out so that we were able to dissolve old projects and ignite new ones that will thrive with us being location independent. There are so many […]

Running Our First Marathon and How it Strengthened Us: Mind, Body and Soul

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There I go, about to finish the longest 4 and a half hours of my life. Amazement, exhaustion, desperation, and gratitude are some of the feelings that flood my heart in these final moments. I have never felt so strong and so weak at the same time… not since the early days of my recovery at least. […]

How to plan an awesome surprise party!

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I have a huge smile on my face just looking at this picture, I can’t tell who had more fun, me or Drew! As a surprise party planner you experience the immense elation that comes from an artfully and, hopefully, successfully executed plan. Whether all the parts fall flawlessly into place or the unexpected occurs and […]

We Won a Liebster Award!!

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Wait… what does that mean?? While we were extremely stoked to have received this honor, at the same time we had no idea what it was! Thankfully, our new blogging friends over at Nerd Nomads, who nominated us, also explained what exactly this award meant. The Liebster Award has been around for several decades now […]