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Vlog #12 WILD Camping: Tips, Stories and Why We LOVE It!

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We shower at the beach, we cook and dine by candlelight, we wakeup in the mountains/next to the sea and we never have to make reservations… Since our last blog post we have spent the past 2 months exploring Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia, eating a ton of fresh figs (OMG) and discovering WILD camping spots so […]

Recent Adventures:

WHERE ARE WE NOW?! After 6 Months of #VanlifeEurope…

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THERE WE ARE, with the #HowlinYoweller, feeling the superhuman-like gratitude we have for being able to live our Vanlife dreams, but living our dreams isn’t necessarily easy, it’s amazing, but easy very well may be the last thing it is. Everyday seems like we have some new mountain to climb before we can sit back and enjoy […]

Romance Tips + VanLife Along Germany’s Romantic Road

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We’ve been “honeymooning” for nearly 5 months now, sounds luxurious right? Well, in between the lack of laundry + showers and experiencing the personal + shared challenges that come with living in an 18-foot space, spending everyday, 24/7, with your partner, resting on very little certainty other than the fact that we know we will experience […]

Wanderlust in AUSTRIA: Hiking the Hills in Salzburg + Getting Completely LOST in Hallstatt

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Where to start?! It has been a while since our last update and we have been ALL OVER the place. Since visiting Paris (jaw-dropping post on the Siene floods here), we traveled back to America for my sister’s EPIC wedding in Washington DC! It was seriously epic, we ended up having to abandon the buses and charge through the […]

Paris Floods + Cats + Romance… Oh My!

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Bonjour France! After spending a week traveling through the adorably quaint Bavarian villages along the Romantic Road (post coming soon), we were craving a bit of city buzz and excitement. With just 2 days to spare before catching our flights out of CDG for my cousin’s wedding (!!!) we decided to GO BIG and bike […]

Our Starry-Skied Seaside Wedding in Islamorada, Florida

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It’s been almost four months since this beautiful, happy day and we + our #rollinghome have lived in five countries, traversed the sea 3 times and driven over 5,300 miles… and we’re only getting started! If you had told teenage me that after getting married I would be moving abroad to live in a van with my […]

Vanlife Thoughts on Nature vs. Cities + Inspiring Moments and Magical Places in Amsterdam

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Slow mornings with tired muscles, fresh air, hot tea and lots of nature. #Vanlife has the potential to take us ANYWHERE we desire, and while we find ourselves within a stone’s throw of some of the world’s GRANDEST cities, it’s places and moments like this that we treasure most. So, where in the world are […]

Vlog #9 AMSTERDAM: Biking through tulip fields + eating Dutch pancakes!

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It’s been 2 weeks since our last blog post and A LOT has happened! First of all we should mention that we are in AUSTRIA! Our great friend invited us to be a part the Wings for Life World Run in Vienna and we couldn’t resist. Here we are being interviewed about our travels by […]

Amsterdam #Vanlife Update + 12 Fave Moments from Ireland, Scotland and England

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We’re in Amsterdam!! King’s Day was CRAZY, orange and crazy. Seeing our awesome friend Mero was AMAZING, orange and amazing 🙂 And now it’s nearly 8pm (Thursday) and we have spent the entire day in pursuit of vanlife’s necessities. 1. Water. We needed to replenish the 16 gallons we carry “on board.” 2. Propane. We hadn’t had any […]

Discovering Ireland’s INCREDIBLE #WildAtlanticWay

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Look at that nose squish! That’s us, happy in Ireland… I miss it (+ the soda bread + the Barry’s Tea) already! But one thing we don’t miss is being cold… why? Because WE ARE STILL COLD! Which is why we have decided to reformulate our plans and head South…we’re thinking as far South as we can go… like Sicily! Next […]

Brittany + Drew’s Magical Islamorada Beach Wedding Video

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THAT is the look of pure BLISS. I can honestly say I have never, in my life, felt as overwhelmingly happy and grateful as I did in this exact captured moment… It’s moments as beautiful as this that live on in our hearts forever, no matter where we may be or what we may be doing… YES, even living in a van in an […]

Relationship Q & A

Vlog #3: Why You Should Live in A Van Before Getting Married

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OH LOVE. The crazy, unpredictable, random, wonderful things we do for you… like poor Drew, giving me his all in this epic jumping photo above, aka. Reason #437 of why my best friends know he’s the man for me 🙂 With 11 incredibly short days until we become THE OFFICIAL Mr and Mrs Adventure, we’ve […]

9 Things We’ve Learned After 100 Days On The Road

WOW. 100 days. I can still remember week 1, kicking it in The Keys, trying to figure out how to cook in a 4-foot space, how to turn over in the middle of the night without whacking my head on a handle or the roof and how to communicate with each other in a way that makes room for both our needs and wants... I still hit my head every night. Nevertheless, here are the things we've learned

WOW. 100 days. 18 states. 2 countries and now we’re in Canada! I can still remember week 1, kicking it in The Keys, trying to figure out how to cook in a 4-foot space, how to turn over in the middle of the night without whacking my head on a handle or the roof and how to communicate with each […]