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Going To Tijuana For The First Time

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So you wanna go to Mexico, but let us guess, you have a few concerns right? We’ll start by saying there really isn’t much to worry about as long as you hone in on your street smarts and follow these few simple guidelines and tips! Before you know it you’ll be enjoying some of the freshest tacos of life, […]

Recent Adventures:

15 Ways To Make Your Big Sur Road Trip (Even More) UNFORGETTABLE

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Aaaa. Big Sur (deep breath in). 90 miles of scenic, winding coastline supported by the mighty Santa Lucia Mountains rising abruptly from the Pacific, abounding with soaring birds, golden-watercolored sunsets and an air that blankets everything with a sense of endless adventure, unparalleled peace and an undeniable feeling of gratitude for all things simple and good. Noted as a sparsely […]

6 Ways TRAVEL Can Turn Your World Right Side Up

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You see that crazy little trail we traced all around the map above? That’s EVERYWHERE we’ve been over the past 9 months since embarking on this vanlife adventure exactly 283 days ago starting from the Southernmost Point of the US all the way down in Florida. Over 21,000 miles later and it still feels like we have hardly made […]

What and Where is the Petrified Forest!?

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Here it is. Literally. HERE IT IS. The most famous sign on Route66 since 1949. The Jackrabbit Trading Post, originally a snake farm until a dude bought the land and set all the snakes free (eek!), has been selling trinkets and enticing visitors with its ginormous JACKRABBIT, which you can still ride!: We came upon this Route66 icon, […]

3 Great Hikes in Flagstaff, AZ!

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While it’s not exactly thought of as a destination in itself, if you happen to be traveling to the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Sedona, or anywhere along Arizona’s historic Route66, Flagstaff is quite possibly one of the best places to stop and recharge in a number of ways! Love Thai food? The green curry at Red Curry Kitchen is a MUST! Love […]

See what city left us sleepless, in all THE BEST of ways

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Did you guess which city we’re referring to yet? Unless you live there, odds are that you have no idea there’s a giant troll living underneath one of the areas major bridges (!), or that it’s the fastest growing, most literate city in the US (!!), or that it’s home to the world’s first completely […]

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta: The 10 hottest tips + the most awe-inspiring photos ever!

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Did you know that the first hot air balloon passengers were a sheep, a rooster and a duck?! Back in 1783 they didn’t know if mammals could survive at such high altitudes, and when that first “Montgolfière,” made out of paper (!) and filled with farm animals, ascended from the Palace of Versailles, the world was forever changed. Lucky […]

Life On A Boat: Exploring Alaska’s Inside Passage To The Final Frontier

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Meet Captain Bob. For over 15 years he has been navigating the Caledonia through the crystal-blue glacial waters of Alaska and for 10 days, he would be our fearless and trusted guide through the unpredictable and magnificently-wild Inside Passage to the Final Frontier. We learned about the chance to explore the Alaskan seas from a lifelong family friend who knew […]

5 Fun + Free Things To Do In Banff!

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Banff, the first town to develop within a Canadian National Park, is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. Known for its world-class resorts, mountainous surroundings, hot springs and extensive opportunities for outdoor sports, such as hiking, biking, scrambling and skiing, we had just one full day to spend in Banff and somehow we managed to have a spectacular time without spending […]

What is Burning Man?

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An absolute DREAM. One thing we learned after spending 5 days on the The Playa climbing giant letters, weathering gnarly dust storms, making friends with every kind of person possible and falling-in-love with neon bike decor, we realized that there is no one way to define, or experience, the “circus of the moon,” THE DREAM […]

Relationship Q & A

I’m not writing a post this week…

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… because somethings are more fun. … somethings are more beautiful to look at. … somethings only happen once a year. … and many things are more important. I guess by writing this I essentially did write a post… but you know what?: I just couldn’t resist Get excited for our full post on Minneapolis that will go […]

9 Things We’ve Learned After 100 Days On The Road

WOW. 100 days. I can still remember week 1, kicking it in The Keys, trying to figure out how to cook in a 4-foot space, how to turn over in the middle of the night without whacking my head on a handle or the roof and how to communicate with each other in a way that makes room for both our needs and wants... I still hit my head every night. Nevertheless, here are the things we've learned

WOW. 100 days. 18 states. 2 countries and now we’re in Canada! I can still remember week 1, kicking it in The Keys, trying to figure out how to cook in a 4-foot space, how to turn over in the middle of the night without whacking my head on a handle or the roof and how to communicate with each […]

Why would you want to live in a van for a year?

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Partially because we’re crazy, but mostly because it’s something we crave. For the past year Drew and I have been itching for a geographical challenge. Luckily our jobs and careers have worked out so that we were able to dissolve old projects and ignite new ones that will thrive with us being location independent. There are so many […]