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Our Romantic Honeymoon in London

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If you had told sun-loving, flip-flop wearing, Floridian/Californian me that I would be honeymooning in 50-degree London… I would have said you were CRAZY! Yet here I am… with my love by my side keeping me warm and happy… in London… on our honeymoon.  After taking a stress-free, 1.5 hour nap/ride from Gatwick to Piccadilly […]

Recent Adventures:

Vlog #5: We’re MARRIED!!!

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WOW. Wow… WOW. We’re Married! Can you believe it?! We are still floating, beaming, smiling and tingling in disbelief about the beyond MAGICAL weekend we shared with each other and the many special people who were able to make the journey… such SPECIAL people… WOW. Remember how we wrote about the power and importance of […]

Vlog #3: Why You Should Live in A Van Before Getting Married

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OH LOVE. The crazy, unpredictable, random, wonderful things we do for you… like poor Drew, giving me his all in this epic jumping photo above, aka. Reason #437 of why my best friends know he’s the man for me With 11 incredibly short days until we become THE OFFICIAL Mr and Mrs Adventure, we’ve taken […]

Vlog #2: Our Favorite NEW Gear For 2016!

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We hope you all are having a happy and adventurous start to the New Year! Just in case, we decided to share with you some of the best (and most useful) gadgets, books and tools that we will be using in 2016! Not featured is the incredibly-handy razor holder that I used to scrape the super-sticky labels off […]

Vlog #1: Our BIG Plans for 2016!

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Another year means another adventure and another adventure means another set of goals, ideas, aspirations, lessons and lands to explore! Since being home for the past couple of weeks we have found ourselves in a whirlwind of family, holiday events, wedding planning (31 more days!!) and preparing for our BIG MOVE abroad (watch the video below for […]

The Importance of Taking Risks + Summiting Mount Wilson!

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A risk is defined as a situation involving exposure to danger. As a kid Drew wasn’t taught to avoid risks, he was taught to make them work to his benefit, to grab them by the bull horns and ride them into the wild… or, as in the photo above, off the side of a bridge. I remember […]

10 Things You Need To Know About Vanlife

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Looks magical doesn’t it? VanLife definitely has its perks, its lessons, its moments of beauty and its moments of frustration, especially when you’re traveling with your soon-to-be husband or wife… for 10 months straight! The truth is that as crazy as we’ve made each other throughout the past few months, I couldn’t love him more and we wouldn’t trade […]

5 Ways San Diego Is More Romantic Than LA

5 Ways San Diego Is More Romantic Than LA, san diego, san diego sunset

Coming from two LA lovers, this is a hard statement for us to make. But alas, after a week of sparkling bay waters, homeless-free (ish) parks, great cafes, friendly faces and traffic-free streets (?!), there was no denying the heightened quality of life, air and love in “America’s Finest City.” We had been to San Diego before, we even had our first […]

Relationship Q & A

I’m not writing a post this week…

Drew's Bday, rv birthday surprise, how to surprise your fiance, how to surprise your man, surprise party, birthday party in a sprinter van

… because somethings are more fun. … somethings are more beautiful to look at. … somethings only happen once a year. … and many things are more important. I guess by writing this I essentially did write a post… but you know what?: I just couldn’t resist Get excited for our full post on Minneapolis that will go […]

9 Things We’ve Learned After 100 Days On The Road

WOW. 100 days. I can still remember week 1, kicking it in The Keys, trying to figure out how to cook in a 4-foot space, how to turn over in the middle of the night without whacking my head on a handle or the roof and how to communicate with each other in a way that makes room for both our needs and wants... I still hit my head every night. Nevertheless, here are the things we've learned

WOW. 100 days. 18 states. 2 countries and now we’re in Canada! I can still remember week 1, kicking it in The Keys, trying to figure out how to cook in a 4-foot space, how to turn over in the middle of the night without whacking my head on a handle or the roof and how to communicate with each […]

Why would you want to live in a van for a year?

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Partially because we’re crazy, but mostly because it’s something we crave. For the past year Drew and I have been itching for a geographical challenge. Luckily our jobs and careers have worked out so that we were able to dissolve old projects and ignite new ones that will thrive with us being location independent. There are so many […]