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An escape from LA is just a ferry ride away!: Exploring Catalina Island

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The morning sun was shining brightly on our sleepy-eyed faces as the salty wind flew through our hair. We could see the outline of our destination in the distance and sat happily as the Cat Express gifted us with stunning views of the Golden Coast along our 1 hour commute. As the bustling roads and […]

Summer never looked so good!: Camping and Hiking in Malibu

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Malibu, known as the play ground of the rich and famous – home of Ellen, Will Smith, Madonna, Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, to name a few – is also the play ground of Mr and Mrs Adventure. While we may not be not quite as rich or quite as famous, this past weekend we definitely […]


Halloween in Griffith Park: Hiking to Bee Rock + Exploring LA’s Haunted Hayride


When it comes to Halloween, LA sure does know how to do it right. From the Great Horror Campout, an all night fright fest (WHO on earth would want to sign up for that beats me), to ALONE, an immersive exploration of fear which you are only allowed to participate ALONE (eek!), to Dark Harbor, the haunted Queen Mary […]

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How did we make it to SoCal in the first place?


Way back in 2011, before Mr and Mrs Adventure, there was still Mr and Mrs Adventure… we just didn’t know it yet! Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we graduated from The University of Florida, and after living in the college bubble for 5 years, we were ready for a real adventure. After contemplating a few different ideas for places to […]

Visiting the Wacko Soap Plant (the 2nd Happiest Place on Earth) and Hiking Mount Roubidoux

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You ever have one of those weekends where you just don’t know what to do? For pre-planners like us we don’t tend to have those all too often,  but this past weekend was an exception. After playing with the idea of summiting Mount Baldy, biking to Venice Beach or camping in some new place, we decided that […]