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5 Reasons we LOVED using reclaimed wood in our van build

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After returning from our 2.5 year van life Europe + North Africa honeymoon on wheels, for the past six months, Drew and I have been meticulously building out our 5th van home and 1st ever conversion. You can watch our LEGENDARY Van Build Series, documenting the weekly transformation here! After living in a number of

VanLife Portugal Road Trip MAP + 20 Favorite Places

Out of the 19 countries we explored throughout our 2.5 year VanLife Europe (and Africa) honeymoon, there was one country that we actually considered living the in FOREVER, and…

The ULTIMATE VanLife Playlist!

We recently collaborated with Go Van to create a playlist that captures the essence of “THE HOWELLER,” our beloved British campervan that carried us, American Honeymooners, 40,000 miles all…

Q & A: After 4 Years of VanLife, WHAT’S NEXT?!

It’s crazy how quickly life can change. How you can go from one land to another and reality totally shifts. It’s crazy how you can return to a place…